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Firefox Lite is an internet browser for Mozilla that offers you a solid browsing experience, takes up only a small amount of space in your smartphone’s memory and, uses the least amount of broadband possible.

The most important feature that Firefox Lite offers is called the ‘Turbo mode.’ Once you’ve activated this mode (it’s activated by default), the browser blocks the ads on the webpages you visit. So, you won’t lose a single mega downloading ads that you don’t even want to see in the first place.

Another really interesting feature of Firefox Lite is its page capture. This simple tool lets you take a screenshot of an entire webpage so you can view it without an internet connection. This feature is especially useful when you want to capture long articles that you’d rather read later on. All the screenshots are saved in your gallery.

Firefox Lite is an excellent alternative because it includes all the features that you’d want in a browser (tabs, bookmarks, quick search, etc.) and it also includes a number of unique features that are especially interesting for users with less powerful internet connections.
By Nelson
Firefox Rocket is the new Lite browser from Mozilla

The Firefox family includes official clients and beta versions, plus experimental projects like Focus. This array has just expanded even more thanks to Firefox Rocket, a new version of the browser designed to run on mid-range devices with limited data connections. Although at the moment it's only officially been released on the Indonesian market, it's still fully functional from any geographical location.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher